Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Challenge

Each year, The Center for Civic Engagement hosts a series of events to bring light to and take action on issues of hunger and homelessness. This year, Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week (November 11th-November 17th) will include THE FOOD STAMP CHALLENGE where students will document their efforts to food shop with a fixed amount of money equivalent to the stipend given to food stamp recipients. In South Carolina, the average amount allotted to food stamp recipients is $4.40 per day.

Our Food Stamp Team includes 5 College of Charleston Students taking the challenge to eat off of $4.40 per day. 

The Challenge Criteria: 
-Use only $4.40 per day for one week to eat. This includes food shopping, dining out, vending machines, etc. 
-Use The Food Stamp Challenge Tracker to record how much money you spend each day.
-Document your process. Write or film your experiences in the food market, preparing meals, budgeting your money. 
-Keep and submit all grocery lists (including any "rough drafts" with edits, budgeting adjustments, etc.). Be sure to specify how much you spent. 

Check out this blog all week to read about and watch videos of their journey. 

Think you could eat off of $4.40 per day? Click here to Take the Challenge.

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